You might wonder what really motivates me. . Just what inspires me to write.  Well, part of it is I have always loved weaving a story.  I'm definitely a "once upon a time" sort of girl!  LOL!! It's what legends are made of and what story telling is all about.  Of course, that just my opinion.

My other reason is the pure natural joy I get seeing the faces of children as they read my books or ask me questions about my book. Ticker Terra was especially fun because it was the first time that I actually did drawing and artwork in a book.  On my previous book Ticker Tittle Tattle, I relied on clip art.  But then I decided it was time to take a journey!!  Yep! As I always say. . . a journey awaits!  Not just in storyland, but creating the story from start to finish.  Picturing the images and watching them come to life.  Writing is my passion!!  Meet my motivation and my inspiration!!

This beautiful little girl couldn't stop reading!! Her mom said "it's the quietest she's ever been coming home from school".  Meet Lexi, the newest friend of Ked and Tay and the latest character to an upcoming Ticker Tales book.  Just stay tuned!!  THIS IS MY MOTIVATION!! KNOWING SHE'S ENJOYING MY BOOK!!

Introducing:  KED and TAY!! Two of the major characters in TICKER TERRA. These two rambunctious, yet adorable kids venture into the Heartland and find themselves on a journey of magnanimous proportion!! Our brave "Paladins", as they are known, manage to weather a lot of storms and save their best friend.   MY INSPIRATION!! 

Well enough of that!  You'll just have to buy the book and read their adventures.  Oh yes!! For all you local readers in both Georgia and Texas.  My book, Ticker Terra, is available at the Decatur and Tucker Public Libraries. . and in Texas at Haslett / Ft. Worth Public Library.

So stay tuned!  You never know when you may see your name in one of my books on an incredible adventure. Sound exciting?  You bet it is!!  Remember. . . "a journey awaits".

Now that's definitely a Ticker Moment!!


Hey! You found me!  Welcome to Ticker Tales!!

It's been a laborious journey thus far, but I've definitely learn some things along the way!  In fact, I've finally published my second book entitled: "Ticker Terra".   It's all Ticker. LOL!!

What's "ticker" you might ask? Well. . . it's what I call the heart. Yep! That big pulsating organ inside of you that literally keeps you alive. So Ticker Tales simply means "Stories from the Heart".

Had a great opportunity to meet other authors of children's books at an event hosted by Jack and Jill of America organization in July. A book signing that allowed me to converse with young people like you, and their parents. Fabulous!! One of the very high points of the event; talking with different kids.  Don't get me wrong. . every author wants their books to sell.  It's how we know you like what we write! But talking to you, young people one on one is priceless. You never cease to amaze me with your thought process.  Some of those thoughts I imitate in my books.  

There was one young man, Jonathan Ward, told me he wanted to be a writer.  He was probably about 9 years old. I told him what I tell all children his age or older "the sky is the limit". . you can do and be whatever your heart desires. But always do it for the good and not for evil."  There's enough evil in the world, just ask Ked & Tay from my book Ticker Terra. They come in contact with some pretty mean and shady characters called "Boondogglers". Yikes!!! 

At any rate, big shout out to Jonathan, Kenneth, Nasir, Jheri, Drew, Simone, and all the other kids I had a chance to talk with.  You are truly awesome and a journey does await you.  Just keep believing in yourself and trust that it will happen; sometimes when you least expect it.

So from my heart to yours. . I hope you enjoy every book in the Ticker series.  There's another on the way, so keep watching and reading! Remember: "a journey awaits".  



Finally got it done!! It took a little longer than I anticipated, but this April 2016, I published my second children's book entitled "TICKER TERRA".

TICKER TERRA is a fantasy adventure about the journeys of a brother & sister who stumble into a world unlike their own.  Their journeys take them into a beautiful land (Terra) where they meet some very unique and interesting characters.  Along the way, Ked & Tay (our brother and sister) learn to depend on each other when faced with trials and some pretty mean adversaries.

This book is the first in a series of Ticker Terra. Ked and Tay will have many more adventures to come and will meet and make new friends as they journey through Terra.  I sincerely hope you will enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed writing it. So come along!!!

A Journey Awaits !!

Rise of the Guardians

The enemy has a new name.  It's PITCH.  As in Pitch Black Darkness!!

I recently saw the movie "Rise of the Guardians" and though it was just a movie, there is definitely a message and meaning behind it. There's still a war going on and the enemy tends to get more cunning.  Hey! It's his job and he does it well!! But we as Guardians, Keepers of the Faith, Hope and Belief, must rise in this day and time and stand guard!!  To put it mildly "Ol' Pitch ain't giving up"!! His time is running out, so he's working double and triple time to "kill, still, and destroy".  Where he can distort truths and create fear and unbelief, he will!! Time for us to take our game to a higher level and Protect what has been given to us!! We have the victory. . we just need to claim it!  Remember we win, but make no mistake there is a fight.  The war is still going on!!

If you haven't seen the movie: Rise of the Guardians, rent it or buy it (it's a great keepsake!).  Watch by yourself, or with spouse, your children, or your grandchildren.  Just see it. . it's worth it!!  I rate it 5 stars for storyline; for character portrayal, action and for animation.  Yep! It's animated! But still worth seeing.  I highly recommend it!

I'm back and feeling much better! Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes!

Hey without a doubt. . this is definitely "Another Ticker Moment"!!

Thanking God for the Little Things!!

Happy New Year Everyone! Yes I know it's been a while, but I try not to just write unless I've got something on my mind and want to share. LOL!!

I have always been a Hanna Barbera Cartoon fan.  My favorites were The Flintstones and The Jetsons.  Still today I won't miss the opportunity to set down and watch an old cartoon! Two distinct eras in time. . Past and Future.  I was always in "awe" tuning into the Jetsons, watching flying autos, automatic dressing, talking on TV telephones and pills for a full meal.  Well, I'm not quite ready for food in pill form or even flying cars, but I finally had a chance to experience viewing while  talking on the phone.  What I call TV phoning. Yep! I know I'm a little behind, but this was definitely worth the wait!!

During the Christmas holiday, my daughter-n-law helped me download a free app, "Tango". Very similar to "Skype" in that it enables you to 'actually' see who you're talking to  and vice versa. Well, the other day I decided to try my new app and called my grandkids!! After a little tweaking, it worked!! I could see them and they could see Nana! Oh joy!! Probably sounds elementary to some of you. . but this was the hi-light of my entire weekend!We talked, they showed me their snacks; then I got a tour of their rooms and chance to see new clothes they received for gifts. They even asked if I liked them! LOL!! I was in heaven!! In my heart I kept thanking God for the little things.

For me, I sometimes find myself focusing so much on the big things (problems, situations, issues, work, bills. . need I go on?!).  I completely forget the simple things. Those little things in life that really matter. . like talking on a smartphone to your grandkids and looking at their expressions while they tell you about their day.  Amazing!  "Jetsons here we come!!" 

Life is a gift. . take time from the hustle & bustle to enjoy it with ones you love.  Always remember to thank God for the little things.   . . . . .Now that's a Ticker Moment! The first of this New Year 2013. .and much more to come.


I'm one of the "A type" personality people that think you must have an alternate plan.  If the Plan A doesn't work, go to the Plan B. . . if Plan B than Plan C and so on.  You get the picture, right? Well, in theory this seems logical.

Recently someone told me when their plan went a little different than expected and I asked what's Plan B that "I didn't understand. . I just didn't get!"  Needless to say, my feeling were hurt because I always thought of myself as a "understanding and compassionate" person.  No, no!! Not patting myself on the back, I just always try my best to listen with both ears and not form my own opinion.  Sometimes, it's very difficult to do. LOL!  Now since I normally play every conversation over in mind, I found myself contemplating this very issue once I moved my feeling out of the equations.  What if Plan A doesn't work come through? A backup plan is always a good idea, right.  But does this mean you are settling  for less than your initial goal? In Phil. 3:14, the Apostle Paul said: "I press for the mark (goal)".  In other words, keep your eyes on the prize. . don't settle. . keep pressing!!

God wants us to have high expectations.  The more we expect from Him, the more we enable Him to do.  Because clearly, we can't do it on our own.  So, I Get It!! I Do Understand!!! Deviating from the plan, the goal, is settling for something less than your expectation.  Just make sure you include God in your Plan.  Ultimately, He is the only one that can and will bring our goals to fruition (I love that word!!).  He is the PRIZE!  That expectation is Hope.. Faith in action.  So keep moving forward. . . keep making strides toward the goal!  There's an old cliche'  - "if at first you don't succeed. . try, try, again".  LOL!! Funny. . Korney. . but true!!  There will always be setbacks (adversities).  Just don't give up on your dream.  If you didn't reach the mark the first or second or even the third try. . keep asking God for more insight. . to know His Plan.  Remember He is our source.  Then, keep pressing toward the mark / goal.  It is a faith walk (Heb. 11:1) and according to your belief.  I believe that "my God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus (Phil. 4:19). Simply because it's in His Word and He promised He would.  Now what do you believe?

Father, I thank You for Your Holy Spirit that works on the inside and allows us to see things from Your perspective.  Holy Spirit, thank you for guiding and continually teaching us that it truly is not about us, but all about Jesus and God's Plan for our lives.  In Jesus name. Amen.

Well. . . . there you go! LOL!! Another Ticker Moment!


"This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it."

There is a song that says "Cause it's My Day".  So today this is MY Special Day.  It's my birthday!! Though I rejoice in every day knowing that God made them and I have an expectation of something new and wonderful, each and every day. . . today I praise Him more because He has blessed me to see another year. . a milestone :)

As I say each morning when I awake. . "Thank You Lord for another day", again I am reminded of the prayer I learned as a little girl and I give God praise for all that He has brought me through.  In the midst of every storm, every trial, and even my precious moments. . He is God alone and I am assured with each sunlight, raindrop, moon glow, summer's breeze, or winter's snow. . . God loves me and I have victory in Him.  For in Him. . we live and breathe. . . in God we have life everlasting! I praise Him for this milestone, for breathing life into me,  for giving me family and friends, making me who I am, and for this new journey that awaits me.

I am still in awe!  God blessed me immeasurably this day.  I was lavished and loved by so many family and good friends. My daughter surprised me or should I just say shocked me!! I had a general idea what she had planned but I just didn't know the lengths she went to making this .  My Special Day. . a lifetime of memories.  Thank you is just not enough to say. . it's just not enough!! But from the top, bottom and all the middle of my heart. . .  thank you Bee for loving your mom just that much and showing me how much I am loved by others.  Thank you Mony, my son, for supporting your sister in this endeavor. . Yes, you both have made me very happy and as the munchkins would say. . Yes I am very proud of both of you. No mother could ask for more from either of her children and I am godly proud you're mine.  My friends. . you all made my day! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules just for me. I shall remember you always.

"Cause it is My Day" . . . My Special Day was a day of abundant blessings! I Praise God!

Without a doubt. . . .. Another Ticker Moment!

A Faith Walk

Ever seen the movie "the Book of Eli" with Denzel Washington?

Well, beneath all the sinister plots, the barbarism and the killing, there is a beautiful analogy of walking by faith and not by sight.  The story depicts a man, Eli, who is on a journey going he knows not where.  LOL! He has been commissioned by God to deliver a book, the bible, to a distant land. He encounters many trials and tribulations, as we all do on our life's journey.  Still, he perseveres.  He just keeps going! Why? Because he knows God is with him and no matter what obstacles he may encounter, he will reach his final destination.  God told him. He believed it. Enough said. LOL!! Eli makes that quite clear throughout the movie.

We each have a journey that God has given us.  Though the road may get a little rough at times. .  okay, sometimes it's just downright arduous.  Still, we must continue the course.  Our Lord promised He would never leave us nor forsake us. 'Lo I will be with you always. . even till the ends of the world'.  It's a walk of faith. . a faith walk, my friends.  As Eli portrays in the movie, our faith should be so strong that nothing or no one can keep us from what God has commissioned us to do.

The movie also touches on "hiding the word in our hearts".  But I won't tell you about that. LOL!! Check it out for yourself.  If you've already seen and thinking I'm a little 'crazy'. . . see again before you judge me and this time "focus".  It's all there, seriously. LOL!

     Father, I ask that all who read this will get an awakening.  Increase their faith and give them more opportunities to serve You.  Open their eyes, their hearts, and their minds, so they may see and understand the calling YOU have placed on their lives.  Let them see it is a "walk of faith" and we just simply need to trust You. . . .the Holy Spirit will guide us. Lord, I thank You for this time and the chance to share about You and your love for us.  In Jesus name. Amen!

Well, that's it. . another Ticker Moment.  Hope you will stop by again!

"A Thousand Times More"

One of my favorite scriptures in the bible is found in Deuteromony, chapter 1, verse 11. "May the Lord God of your fathers make you a thousand times more as you are and bless you as He has promised."

I had the distinct opportunity of attending a "homegoing celebration" on this passed week.  It was truly a celebration! Such beautiful accolades were said of this woman and were undoubtedly said while she still lived with us on earth.  What stuck with me more than anything was "that even in her illness she always prayed for others". . . not for herself, but for others; her husband, her children, grandchildren and other family members, as well friends. For anyone who didn't know her personally, this statement alone indicated that she knew the Lord God and had a relationship with Him.  She was confident that He would take care of her, so she appealed to Him to take care of those she loved.  As I looked at her children and grandchildren, I saw the evidence of the scripture.  Hints and meaningful similarities of her reflected; be it a smile, her beautiful hair, her eyes, her peaceful appearance, and even her laugh. And in that fleeting moment I thought, her legacy lives on in all of them. . . ."a thousand times more".

This was a woman I had talked with face to face all of four (4) times.  But it was a lifetime.  We were kindred spirits drawn together by common bonds; our love for God and our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ and our love for our families.  In one of our most meaningful conversations over coffee she talked of her belief in the resurrection.  "Christ need only say a word." She said to me.  Just a word.  So she waited, as we all do, on His word, knowing most definitely, it is always in His time.  Until then, she prayed fervently.  She was so richly blessed by the love of her family. It was evident.  I too am blessed for knowing her even for this short while.  Though she was taken away far too soon, those who are still here must "rejoice" for the time spent with her.  Rest assured, she knows God will keep His promises because that's the kind of God we serve.  God has made her a thousand times more and it will show from generation to generation.   She was born to give love and be loved. She was indeed loved by many. I shall remember her always.

Another Ticker Moment

Happy Father's Day!!

I've come to the conclusion that men are definitely more 'vain' then women.  Case and point: my husband has worn eye glasses since he was 3 yrs. old.  So it was  no surprise to me whatsoever, after all the "kinks" were out of Lasek Surgery, he would be standing  at the door of the nearest clinic wanting to have the surgery.  Well. . he did and I might add has been very pleased with the results.  "No more glasses!" He's so pleased that for the last 6 years since having surgery, he's been like their 'poster child' trying to convince me to have it done.  NO thank you! The mistake they made was allowing me to see the procedure from start to finish.  I saw what they do to the eye!! Again, NO THANK YOU!! I'll keep my contacts and glasses.  LOL!!

Recently I noticed him squinting and really trying to focus while sharing a picture on my cell phone.  After enlarging the picture somewhat, he still was unable to see clearly.  So I handed him my pair of reading glasses that I use with my contacts and immediately everything was in focus.  He actually admitted that he could see much better! Of course my response was "great, I'll get you a pair".  Like an owl making a 360 degree turn of his head he responded: "for what?! I see just fine." OMG! Seriously? The thought of wearing anything other than sun glasses was obviously more than he could take.  Maybe it was a 'dejavue" of all his years in glasses.  Who knows!! But it became quite clear to me that he'd rather struggle with not seeing close up instead of owning a pair of glasses again. . even reading glasses! Now I ask you. . .is that vanity or what?!! I just hope he doesn't mistake a winning "scratch off" ticket for a loser and trashes it, before he realizes he needs a little help. LOL! 

At any rate. .  . . to all the vain men in our lives, it's Your Day so enjoy it. This is for sure 'another Ticker Moment'.  LOL!! Happy Father's Day!

No One But GOD

Sunday evening I watched the "National Geographic" channel for the first time.  Yeah. . I was definitely bored and trying to get passed my withdrawal of no NBA. LOL! So I casually watched a program called "The Untamed Americas". The longer I set there, the more I began to focus on the program.  I couldn't help but be in 'awe' over the many hidden beauties of our world. . . .and, at that very moment, I gave praise to God for His infinite wisdom and creativity.  No one but God could have done the things my eyes beheld. For instance, a volcanic mountain formed high above an active volcano.  Nestled in the crevice of the rocks were "Parakeets"!! Green Parakeets!! This is where they lived and made their homes.  Imagine that. Right above poisonous gases, molten lava, and hot, hot heat.  The maiden flight of their young entailed being able to soar upward to prevent falling into the volcano.  Now that's motivation! Fly or die. . . amazing!

Then there was a picturesque of a dry desolate desert. In the middle of the night the sky was blanketed with a million stars; or so it appeared.  The narrator indicated it was approximately 12,000 feet high and easily viewed from a scientific telescope.  It was simply breath taking! All of this formed by our God and His infinite wisdom.  No man could ever have created these natural beauties.  There was nothing artificial about them! Only a loving God could do this.  The stars, the moon, the sun, and all creatures great and small adhere to His voice and command.  I was humbled and I thanked Him for reminding me of the things I so often take for granted.  We are His people and the sheep of His pasture. . . for the Lord is good!

Thank You God for another day. . . .it is always sweeter than the day before.

Thank Goodness for GPS!!

OMG!! I had the pleasure of taking my daughter to the new Maynard Jackson, Jr. International Airport on last evening.  Yep! My little "jetsetter" is in the air again.  First of all, I NEVER travel I-75 especially at 8:00 p.m. in the evening.  Well we managed to make it there and in time to get her flight no less.  But the real challenge began as I was trying to make my way home.  The new and beautifully paved streets with all their signs were just too much!! Everything seemed to be pointing to 75N, 75S, 85N, 85S and a very small 285 which I managed to see after I passed it in the middle lane.  After making a turn and taking the exit I realized it didn't say 285 East or West  or North or South.  I told you, I NEVER travel 75!! Total confusion!! I'm just rolling along oblivous to where I am.  My husband is always saying "get your barings"!!  Men!! What do they know?!!  When nothing, I repeat.  NOTHING looks familiar, there are no barings to get!!  Then a lite bulb came on in my mind. LOL!! "Hit the GPS and press "home" Yeah!!!! I'm actually talking to my GPS now. .  "help me find my way. . show me some breadcrumbs" CRA-ZY!!  I know it!! Well when she finally calculated where I was her first words were "as soon as possible get in the right lane and exit @ 19".  Okay. .not a problem.  I'm there. . .Next she said: "if you can make a U-turn on to the next street".  If I can?!! What that hay!! Is this legal. . the last thing I want to do is get a ticket in nowhere land for an illegal turn!  As if I said the very thing out loud, she repeated the last statement, but with a little more clarity: "make a legal U-turn at the next street when you can".  Ooooooh!! Got it! Wait for the on-coming traiffic to pass. . then. . make the u! Well after a few more merges and exits. . stuff actually started looking familiar.  Needless to say a mere two (2) hours later, I was pulling into my driveway. . but I can honestly say. . I never would have made it there. . at least not before dawn of the next day. . without my GPS!!

Gotta be a "ticker moment"!! Have a great weekend and stop by again sometimes.

Today was a Good Day!

It's been raining in my fair city for most of the day, beginning Saturday!! Usually for some unknown reason that old song which says "Rainy Days & Mondays always get me down" starts to sing in my mind after one full day of rain.  But today is Mother's Day all over the USA!! So there's no way a little rain would dampen my spirits!  Not even the fact that I was drenched going into church this morning. . not once but twice!! Yep, you guessed it!! Just didn't want to carry that umbrella around with me.  Oh well! But still it was a good day.

I'm a card collector. . I love beautiful greeting cards because I'm the kind of person that feels you can tell a lot from someone just by what the card says.  Well. . I was overwhelmed this year at all the beautiful Mother's Day cards I received.  I've been floating all day!! There was even a card that said Nana!! Talking about "tugging" at your heart strings. . those words and the little signatures inside were like music to my ears. Ahhhhhh!!

To top it off, my daughter and I spent a perfect evening of fun together. .dinner. . movie. . shopping. know "girl stuff" and I simply loved it!!  Even got roses from my husband (this from a man who thinks buying any type of plant or flower is an absolute waste of money because they die).  Guess I'm finally rubbing off on him.  LOL!! I really felt like the woman in Proverbs 31:10 today.  Such an honor to be loved by your family, but even more, to be told you're loved.  My cup runneth over. . .  Yes, today was a good day! One I will keep close in my heart and ponder on the next time there's a little "tension" in my home. 

To every mother across our globe. . You are beautiful. . life just wouldn't be the same without you.  Here's hoping you had a very Happy Mother's Day. . I know I did.. . . . . one I won't soon forget!!

Another Ticker Moment!

What's in a name!

About a month ago, I sent off for an original copy of my birth certificate to apply for a passport. . . before you even go there. . . . .YES!! I'm one of the few people who still do not have a passport. LOL!!  Just call me "s-l-o-w!!" At any rate, I sent the info and copies needed with a nice short note requesting the certificate.  Well to my surprise when the copy came back, a letter from the clerk who processed the request stated "there was no record found under the requested name.  However, our records show the following with the same date of birth.  "What?" Excuse me, PLZ!! My name was spelled totally different from how I had been spelling it only all my life!  Everything else was exactly the same except "My Name"!!

At first it didn't really bother me or perhaps, it just hadn't sunk in yet.  Then, the mind starts to wander. . . I'm sure you know what I mean :)  Did my name define who I was? Was I now someone else? Well. . I finally called my mother and ranted & raved on how she could allow me to go through life thinking "Beverly" was my name?!! When she could finally get a word in. . my mother actually "ssshhhss" me! Normally I'm the calm one.  She was just as surprised as I was.  Then in a very calm and soothing voice, she said: "it doesn't matter what THEY put on THAT paper (Like it wasn't a legal document) - THEY made the mistake.  We knew exactly what your name would be and how to spell it.  They are wrong!! Simple as that. . no 'ifs, ands, or buts'.  They were wrong.  Believe or not . . I bought it all . .hook, line and sinker!! I was calm and rational again. LOL!!  Moms are great! Aren't they?!! The spelling of my name may have changed. . but not me! I'm still me or as my mother so quickly reminded me. . "you're who God says you are". . .that's Beverly. . .Doesn't matter what language it's written . . I'm still Beverly.  That's my name and I'm sticking to it! LOL!!  By the way. . I did get my passport. . Yeah!!! and it has Beverly on it.  

This is Definitely a Ticker Moment!! See you next time!!

Keep Smiling

Y'all, God must know I need some "warm & fuzzy". TLC as some of you may call it.  The other day I received a 'text' message from my daughter which said: "UR the best mom any girl could ever have"  WOW!! Right? I'm so focused on doing things for my family and always coming to her rescue, I immediately called her and asked: "What's wrong?" To which she replied "nothing"! very light and airy.  This is my no frills, very serious child.  So naturally I assumed there was a problem.  She continued "I just wanted you to know, you're the best.  So don't go getting all mushy on me." I didn't . . . I smiled (one of those smiles you can feel through the phone) and said, "Gee, thanks! I love you too."

After disconnecting the call, of course, I cried and laughed, and cried some more.  No particular reason - I just did! God is so good and He knows our hearts desire.  The joy of the Lord is our strength.

Definitely. . . another Ticker Moment!  Keep smiling!


As a little girl I remember the old saying "Sticks & Stones may break my bones but, words can never hurt me!" A catchy little phrase indeed. . . yet, how wrong we were and still are.

I received a beautiful little card the other day in the mail.  A butterfly flittered from the cover to the inside lighting on flowers.  Little dashes showed its progression from flower to flower.  The card simply said: "Thinking of you today! Hope happy thoughts flutter around you today, bringing you comfort and reasons to smile." Cute! And though I love butterflies, it was nothing compared to what was written in the card that became music to my heart and instantly lifted my spirits.

"Here is a bucket full of Love, Arms full of hugs - 'um um', Kisses that can't be measured or counted. . . . There is no one like Beverly"

Ahhh!! I'm know I cried a bucket of tears!! Sure felt like it.  But they were tears of joy because I knew those words came from the heart! They touched and soothed my troubled spirit.  A sweet melody to my soul. . my cup runneth over with gladness.

My friends.  . .words can hurt! But they can also comfort, heal, encourage and inspire.  So choose your words carefully.  Always purpose to say something or write something that puts a smile on someone's face.  A smile that comes from the melody ignited deep within their spirit.

That's it!! Another Ticker Moment.  See you next time!

Time to Play

"Thank You God for another day. . for time to rest and time to play; for pretty things that my eyes may see; for people to love and to love me. Amen"  This morning I remembered how as a little girl we always said that prayer.  It was one I learned in school.  Of course, that was when prayer was allowed in school.  Seems like such a very long time ago.  I remember getting older, we thought saying and having "time to play" was soo immature.  LOL!  We were, or at least we thought, too old "to play". Humph!! Little did we know, as adults, it would become "work, work, and more work".  No more luxury living with parents; just coming home doing homework, an assigned chore or two, and watching our favorite program on TV.  Oh yea! Eating a hot cooked meal at the table with other family members.  Then basically preparing for the next day and going to bed.  Now we have arrived!! We are a part of the adult working world where we work to pay bills for all those things we now need in our life :)  Don't get me wrong, considering the economy right now, (loss of jobs, homes, family) I'm thankful and blessed and I know it.  But somewhere into entering "adulthood" we stopped thanking God "for time to play".  I know I did! Working and paying bills has taken all the "play" out of us.  We have to be serious all the time.  But you know what? Our God is the same God of a little girl's prayer.  Doesn't the scripture say He is the same yesterday, today, and forevermore? Wow!  Let's take some time and really thank Him for 'time to rest and time to play'. .then let's ask Him to enlarge our coast and see if we can rest and play without worry.  Call a friend! Take a road trip!! Just "play"! Have some fun. . . enjoy life!! That's a part of God's plan.  Jesus said "my yoke is easy and my burdens are light".  So, what you worrying about?!  Live life and stop making all those bills for stuff I'm finding I didn't really need. "Thank you God. . . for time to rest and time to play".  

Another Ticker Moment!


We did "character role playing" in our Teachers Class the other evening.  The lesson was on "Supplying Our Needs", Phil. 4:19.  We discussed using the tool God had given us and how we always want what someone else has.  Y'all know how we are. LOL! The instructor gave us a picture of an 'old house' and said "This is you, your personality, your character; now write down what you see." Of course we were all looking at the house in the natural and we mostly all agreed it was an old run down dilapidated shack.  I found many things wrong with the house but summed it all up by writing 'a shaky foundation'.  The old house had shifted and was mounted on uneven sticks lifted from the ground.  A shaky foundation. Humph!! Next our instructor gave us a tool which was of course representative of what God had given us.  We all laughed and had a good time with the pictures of the tools assigned to each of us. Naturally, we all wanted something different than what we were given. Naturally, right! My tool was a 'saw'.  A saw!! I don't think I quite see myself with a saw. But it's all good!  LOL!! Now here's when the Holy Spirit showed up!! We were asked what we'd do to the old house with the tool we were given.  Mind you, there was no right or wrong answers. . just simply: what would you do to change the appearance of this old run down shack with your tool?

My answer correlated with what I wrote down "a shaky foundation". I responded: time, weather, water, erosions, had caused the house's foundation to become shaky so I would use my trusty saw to cut down the sticks holding it so far from the ground.  After listening to every ones responses, the instructor said again that there was no right or wrongs answers, but she had hoped we would make our responses more personal.  Remember the old house, the tool, and whatever comments written down was about us. Wow! I couldn't shake the thought of those things representing my personality / character and I drove home still thinking about the class. Early the next morning I awakened still thinking about the old house, a shaky foundation, the saw and how it could possibly relate to me.  Well. . .here's what I realized after some hard thinking: The old house with it's shaky foundation was really me.  LOL! Through some difficult trials, disappointments, hurts, and pain, my foundation within me as it pertained to my relationship with God had become "a shaky foundation".  Oh yes, I still believed God for others, knowing without a doubt He would do or meet their needs.  I had no qualms!! I could and would pray and intercede for whomever.  But when it came to me, I had allowed doubt and unbelief to gradually creep into my spiritual relationship with God. The erosions, weather, time, rains and waters I talked about in class were the disappointments, hurts, sorrows, anger and disillusions that had caused my foundation to shift.  One of the guys in class mentioned that those sticks we kept referring to that the old house appeared to be sitting on were "beams" which were planted deep in the ground to hold the house. Rooted!! Come on Holy Spirit!! Now with my tool, the saw, I needed to cut away / cut down the rotted wood to get me back on level ground. . back to my roots.  Thank God for my roots, people!!! My roots is my relationship with God (communing with Him and taking Him at His Word).  By sawing down and getting back to level ground and forgetting about all that "stuff" - hurts, sorrows, angers, disappointments; y'all know the stuff I'm talking about. Stuff like when you've allowed people, things, and situations to shake you and your resolve.  In this case - ME!  Sure you're probably thinking, "you wouldn't know it just to look at her".  But it's true! It took a picture of an old house and a saw to make me come to the realization.  Now transformation comes!  I'm focusing on the One who can supply my every need and want.  Yes I know there will still be trials and hurts & pains. It's inevitable!! But. . I can't allow stuff to deter me from God's plan or get me off course.  I surrender all, knowing that I have in me His promise. . "never to leave or forsake me". Holy Spirit, I welcome you!!

It was a great lesson & very well taught!!

Y'all this thing is real. . . . Thanks for stopping by and sharing with me. . please come again soon.  This is definitely "another ticker moment". Smile!!!

Another Ticker Moment

On this past Saturday, a good friend and I decided to go to the movies.  We wanted to be among the many first viewers to see "Red Tails".  She volunteered to go early and purchase  tickets in advance to ensure we got in before the crowd.  The goal was the first matinee showing which started at 10:50 a.m.  Yeah, I know early for a very rainy Saturday morning, but we were on a mission.  I arrived about 10:35 a.m. and as promised she had already purchased the tickets.  We decided on 'popcorn' and made our way into theatre 14 where the movie would start momentarily.  To our surprise, we were the first two and were elated at selecting our seats.  While waiting we talks and caught up on all our happenings.  I made mention to the fact I was appalled that no one else had joined us in #14 to see this movie and after looking at my watch and realizing it was 11 a.m. decided to venture outside to find out why the movie had not started.  Even if we were the only ones there, we'd paid our money and expected to see "Red Tails".  Well as I walked out of the theatre I glanced at the kiosk and the movie we were waiting for did not start until 11:50 a.m.!! OMG!! My friend's comment was "but I asked the cashier and she said "yes ma'am" the movie is at 10:50 a.m".  Sure enough, our tickets read Red Tails 11:50 a.m. We decided to wander around the movie plex and in #7 was our movie "Red Tails which did began at 10:50 a.m.!! There was no way we were going in a crowded movie  which had already started. We had to see it from the beginning, right.  We decided we would just have to wait and go back to #14 at 11:50 a.m. to see the movie in its entirety.  But what to do until then? We had a box of popcorn and nowhere to go!! I noticed that #6 was showing the movie Joyful Noise.  My friend and I looked at each other. . "I haven't done this since I was a teenager" we both remarked almost simultaneously.  We laughed and decided "Yep" we can do this.  Our Sunday School teacher would have had a field day had she known what we did. But still we went in, found seats with popcorn in hand and began to watch "Joyful Noise".   Who knew Kirk Franklin was in that movie! We surely didn't!! The man performed like he was in concert.  We got so engrossed with the movie we nearly missed the beginning, again, of "Red Tails".  Obviously, we weren't able to get the same seats we had. . the theatre was much too crowded.  Oh but what a good crowd!! Simply Excellent!! We almost cried toward the ending, but managed to keep our composure which is more than I can say about the man seated next to me.  LOL!!   Once leaving the theatre, we laughed so hard we did cry.  A good cry!! A release of stress and pinned up frustration from weeks before.  Just dealing with life!! As we walked to our cars she told me about her car being in the shop and having a rental unknown to me.  Another one of life's little mishaps. We laughed even harder when we realized we were parked next to each other.   Just being silly women!!  I haven't had that much fun in a very long time! It's nice to have friends that you can be silly with every now and then.  Life is sometimes too complicated and too serious. 

Once again I'm reminded how laughter is good for the soul.  Take some time and do something 'silly' that you can laugh about. . just don't get in trouble. Lol!! Thanks for stopping by, hope you'll come again and share your "Ticker Moment".
One of my favorite poems from high school English was by Robert Herrick.  It starts out:
Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, Old Time is still a-flying: And this same flower that smiles to-day  To-morrow will be dying.
The glorious lamp of heaven, the sun,  The higher he's a-getting,  The sooner will his race be run, And nearer he's to setting. 
That age is best which is the first, When youth and blood are warmer; But being spent, the worse, and worst Times still succeed the former. 
Then be not coy, but use your time,  And while ye may, go marry:  For having lost but once your prime, You may for ever tarry. “
The poem was initially written and titled “To The Virgins to Make Much of Time”.  But I found myself reciting the words of that poem today especially the first stanza.  “Gather ye rosebuds while ye may; old time is still a flying”.  Someone very dear to me passed away on yesterday, November 5, 2011.  Why did this poem come to mind? Perhaps it had something to do with that old cliché – “give someone flowers while they’re living”.  I found myself wondering if I had done just that.  “Had I remembered to say “I love you” or “thanks for always being around”? I’ve known this person for the better part of my life and he was always there from childhood to put a smile on my face or do something “way out of left field” to make me laugh.  I reflected over all the times we’d been around each other and laughed so hard I cried.  His was the first gift I opened at my wedding reception. He insisted J I saw him last only a few months ago for my birthday celebration.  He reminded me when I was ten years old and he bought a “swing set” for our backyard.  We laughed about all the fun we’d had over the years swinging in our own backyard.  I promised him a new picture.  That’s all he asked for “a new picture of me” for his photo album. He always loved taking pictures J  Just a few months ago . . . .. who knew it would be our last time seeing each other.  I didn’t even keep my promise either. . hadn’t sent that picture.   “Old time is still a-flying!” Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.. . . another cliché! But on occasions you really just have to “say the words that make the picture”, because you can never know when it will be the last time. They say actions speak louder than words and I'm sure my actions confirmed my feelings.  But sometimes you just need to voice what's in your hear - an echo that is never forgotten.  Just say it!! He was eighty-two years old and some might say “he lived a full life”.  Still I will miss him and the times we shared.  Rest in Peace, my uncle; you will always be the greatest!

                                                                                    Another Ticker Moment

Ticker Moments

     Like Ticker Tittle-Tattles, Ticker Moments are what I call "heart-felt" thoughts.  It's getting
to the heart of a matter or thing.  Ticker Moments come straight from the heart. . . my heart to yours. 

     Life is a journey; a wonderous vividly colorful adventure! So as you go along this life's journey renew your mind, obtaining both wisdom and knowledge.  "For wisdom is the beginning; so get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding (Proverbs 4:7)."  Remember to always 'treat others the way you want to be treated'.  If you've been blessed, be a blessing.  As a "good friend" once told me "just pay it forward".

Now that's a Ticker Moment!