Rise of the Guardians

The enemy has a new name.  It's PITCH.  As in Pitch Black Darkness!!

I recently saw the movie "Rise of the Guardians" and though it was just a movie, there is definitely a message and meaning behind it. There's still a war going on and the enemy tends to get more cunning.  Hey! It's his job and he does it well!! But we as Guardians, Keepers of the Faith, Hope and Belief, must rise in this day and time and stand guard!!  To put it mildly "Ol' Pitch ain't giving up"!! His time is running out, so he's working double and triple time to "kill, still, and destroy".  Where he can distort truths and create fear and unbelief, he will!! Time for us to take our game to a higher level and Protect what has been given to us!! We have the victory. . we just need to claim it!  Remember we win, but make no mistake there is a fight.  The war is still going on!!

If you haven't seen the movie: Rise of the Guardians, rent it or buy it (it's a great keepsake!).  Watch by yourself, or with spouse, your children, or your grandchildren.  Just see it. . it's worth it!!  I rate it 5 stars for storyline; for character portrayal, action and for animation.  Yep! It's animated! But still worth seeing.  I highly recommend it!

I'm back and feeling much better! Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes!

Hey without a doubt. . this is definitely "Another Ticker Moment"!!

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