Thanking God for the Little Things!!

Happy New Year Everyone! Yes I know it's been a while, but I try not to just write unless I've got something on my mind and want to share. LOL!!

I have always been a Hanna Barbera Cartoon fan.  My favorites were The Flintstones and The Jetsons.  Still today I won't miss the opportunity to set down and watch an old cartoon! Two distinct eras in time. . Past and Future.  I was always in "awe" tuning into the Jetsons, watching flying autos, automatic dressing, talking on TV telephones and pills for a full meal.  Well, I'm not quite ready for food in pill form or even flying cars, but I finally had a chance to experience viewing while  talking on the phone.  What I call TV phoning. Yep! I know I'm a little behind, but this was definitely worth the wait!!

During the Christmas holiday, my daughter-n-law helped me download a free app, "Tango". Very similar to "Skype" in that it enables you to 'actually' see who you're talking to  and vice versa. Well, the other day I decided to try my new app and called my grandkids!! After a little tweaking, it worked!! I could see them and they could see Nana! Oh joy!! Probably sounds elementary to some of you. . but this was the hi-light of my entire weekend!We talked, they showed me their snacks; then I got a tour of their rooms and chance to see new clothes they received for gifts. They even asked if I liked them! LOL!! I was in heaven!! In my heart I kept thanking God for the little things.

For me, I sometimes find myself focusing so much on the big things (problems, situations, issues, work, bills. . need I go on?!).  I completely forget the simple things. Those little things in life that really matter. . like talking on a smartphone to your grandkids and looking at their expressions while they tell you about their day.  Amazing!  "Jetsons here we come!!" 

Life is a gift. . take time from the hustle & bustle to enjoy it with ones you love.  Always remember to thank God for the little things.   . . . . .Now that's a Ticker Moment! The first of this New Year 2013. .and much more to come.

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