I'm one of the "A type" personality people that think you must have an alternate plan.  If the Plan A doesn't work, go to the Plan B. . . if Plan B than Plan C and so on.  You get the picture, right? Well, in theory this seems logical.

Recently someone told me when their plan went a little different than expected and I asked what's Plan B that "I didn't understand. . I just didn't get!"  Needless to say, my feeling were hurt because I always thought of myself as a "understanding and compassionate" person.  No, no!! Not patting myself on the back, I just always try my best to listen with both ears and not form my own opinion.  Sometimes, it's very difficult to do. LOL!  Now since I normally play every conversation over in mind, I found myself contemplating this very issue once I moved my feeling out of the equations.  What if Plan A doesn't work come through? A backup plan is always a good idea, right.  But does this mean you are settling  for less than your initial goal? In Phil. 3:14, the Apostle Paul said: "I press for the mark (goal)".  In other words, keep your eyes on the prize. . don't settle. . keep pressing!!

God wants us to have high expectations.  The more we expect from Him, the more we enable Him to do.  Because clearly, we can't do it on our own.  So, I Get It!! I Do Understand!!! Deviating from the plan, the goal, is settling for something less than your expectation.  Just make sure you include God in your Plan.  Ultimately, He is the only one that can and will bring our goals to fruition (I love that word!!).  He is the PRIZE!  That expectation is Hope.. Faith in action.  So keep moving forward. . . keep making strides toward the goal!  There's an old cliche'  - "if at first you don't succeed. . try, try, again".  LOL!! Funny. . Korney. . but true!!  There will always be setbacks (adversities).  Just don't give up on your dream.  If you didn't reach the mark the first or second or even the third try. . keep asking God for more insight. . to know His Plan.  Remember He is our source.  Then, keep pressing toward the mark / goal.  It is a faith walk (Heb. 11:1) and according to your belief.  I believe that "my God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus (Phil. 4:19). Simply because it's in His Word and He promised He would.  Now what do you believe?

Father, I thank You for Your Holy Spirit that works on the inside and allows us to see things from Your perspective.  Holy Spirit, thank you for guiding and continually teaching us that it truly is not about us, but all about Jesus and God's Plan for our lives.  In Jesus name. Amen.

Well. . . . there you go! LOL!! Another Ticker Moment!

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