"This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it."

There is a song that says "Cause it's My Day".  So today this is MY Special Day.  It's my birthday!! Though I rejoice in every day knowing that God made them and I have an expectation of something new and wonderful, each and every day. . . today I praise Him more because He has blessed me to see another year. . a milestone :)

As I say each morning when I awake. . "Thank You Lord for another day", again I am reminded of the prayer I learned as a little girl and I give God praise for all that He has brought me through.  In the midst of every storm, every trial, and even my precious moments. . He is God alone and I am assured with each sunlight, raindrop, moon glow, summer's breeze, or winter's snow. . . God loves me and I have victory in Him.  For in Him. . we live and breathe. . . in God we have life everlasting! I praise Him for this milestone, for breathing life into me,  for giving me family and friends, making me who I am, and for this new journey that awaits me.

I am still in awe!  God blessed me immeasurably this day.  I was lavished and loved by so many family and good friends. My daughter surprised me or should I just say shocked me!! I had a general idea what she had planned but I just didn't know the lengths she went to making this .  My Special Day. . a lifetime of memories.  Thank you is just not enough to say. . it's just not enough!! But from the top, bottom and all the middle of my heart. . .  thank you Bee for loving your mom just that much and showing me how much I am loved by others.  Thank you Mony, my son, for supporting your sister in this endeavor. . Yes, you both have made me very happy and as the munchkins would say. . Yes I am very proud of both of you. No mother could ask for more from either of her children and I am godly proud you're mine.  My friends. . you all made my day! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules just for me. I shall remember you always.

"Cause it is My Day" . . . My Special Day was a day of abundant blessings! I Praise God!

Without a doubt. . . .. Another Ticker Moment!

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