As a little girl I remember the old saying "Sticks & Stones may break my bones but, words can never hurt me!" A catchy little phrase indeed. . . yet, how wrong we were and still are.

I received a beautiful little card the other day in the mail.  A butterfly flittered from the cover to the inside lighting on flowers.  Little dashes showed its progression from flower to flower.  The card simply said: "Thinking of you today! Hope happy thoughts flutter around you today, bringing you comfort and reasons to smile." Cute! And though I love butterflies, it was nothing compared to what was written in the card that became music to my heart and instantly lifted my spirits.

"Here is a bucket full of Love, Arms full of hugs - 'um um', Kisses that can't be measured or counted. . . . There is no one like Beverly"

Ahhh!! I'm know I cried a bucket of tears!! Sure felt like it.  But they were tears of joy because I knew those words came from the heart! They touched and soothed my troubled spirit.  A sweet melody to my soul. . my cup runneth over with gladness.

My friends.  . .words can hurt! But they can also comfort, heal, encourage and inspire.  So choose your words carefully.  Always purpose to say something or write something that puts a smile on someone's face.  A smile that comes from the melody ignited deep within their spirit.

That's it!! Another Ticker Moment.  See you next time!

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