Time to Play

"Thank You God for another day. . for time to rest and time to play; for pretty things that my eyes may see; for people to love and to love me. Amen"  This morning I remembered how as a little girl we always said that prayer.  It was one I learned in school.  Of course, that was when prayer was allowed in school.  Seems like such a very long time ago.  I remember getting older, we thought saying and having "time to play" was soo immature.  LOL!  We were, or at least we thought, too old "to play". Humph!! Little did we know, as adults, it would become "work, work, and more work".  No more luxury living with parents; just coming home doing homework, an assigned chore or two, and watching our favorite program on TV.  Oh yea! Eating a hot cooked meal at the table with other family members.  Then basically preparing for the next day and going to bed.  Now we have arrived!! We are a part of the adult working world where we work to pay bills for all those things we now need in our life :)  Don't get me wrong, considering the economy right now, (loss of jobs, homes, family) I'm thankful and blessed and I know it.  But somewhere into entering "adulthood" we stopped thanking God "for time to play".  I know I did! Working and paying bills has taken all the "play" out of us.  We have to be serious all the time.  But you know what? Our God is the same God of a little girl's prayer.  Doesn't the scripture say He is the same yesterday, today, and forevermore? Wow!  Let's take some time and really thank Him for 'time to rest and time to play'. .then let's ask Him to enlarge our coast and see if we can rest and play without worry.  Call a friend! Take a road trip!! Just "play"! Have some fun. . . enjoy life!! That's a part of God's plan.  Jesus said "my yoke is easy and my burdens are light".  So, what you worrying about?!  Live life and stop making all those bills for stuff I'm finding I didn't really need. "Thank you God. . . for time to rest and time to play".  

Another Ticker Moment!

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