We did "character role playing" in our Teachers Class the other evening.  The lesson was on "Supplying Our Needs", Phil. 4:19.  We discussed using the tool God had given us and how we always want what someone else has.  Y'all know how we are. LOL! The instructor gave us a picture of an 'old house' and said "This is you, your personality, your character; now write down what you see." Of course we were all looking at the house in the natural and we mostly all agreed it was an old run down dilapidated shack.  I found many things wrong with the house but summed it all up by writing 'a shaky foundation'.  The old house had shifted and was mounted on uneven sticks lifted from the ground.  A shaky foundation. Humph!! Next our instructor gave us a tool which was of course representative of what God had given us.  We all laughed and had a good time with the pictures of the tools assigned to each of us. Naturally, we all wanted something different than what we were given. Naturally, right! My tool was a 'saw'.  A saw!! I don't think I quite see myself with a saw. But it's all good!  LOL!! Now here's when the Holy Spirit showed up!! We were asked what we'd do to the old house with the tool we were given.  Mind you, there was no right or wrong answers. . just simply: what would you do to change the appearance of this old run down shack with your tool?

My answer correlated with what I wrote down "a shaky foundation". I responded: time, weather, water, erosions, had caused the house's foundation to become shaky so I would use my trusty saw to cut down the sticks holding it so far from the ground.  After listening to every ones responses, the instructor said again that there was no right or wrongs answers, but she had hoped we would make our responses more personal.  Remember the old house, the tool, and whatever comments written down was about us. Wow! I couldn't shake the thought of those things representing my personality / character and I drove home still thinking about the class. Early the next morning I awakened still thinking about the old house, a shaky foundation, the saw and how it could possibly relate to me.  Well. . .here's what I realized after some hard thinking: The old house with it's shaky foundation was really me.  LOL! Through some difficult trials, disappointments, hurts, and pain, my foundation within me as it pertained to my relationship with God had become "a shaky foundation".  Oh yes, I still believed God for others, knowing without a doubt He would do or meet their needs.  I had no qualms!! I could and would pray and intercede for whomever.  But when it came to me, I had allowed doubt and unbelief to gradually creep into my spiritual relationship with God. The erosions, weather, time, rains and waters I talked about in class were the disappointments, hurts, sorrows, anger and disillusions that had caused my foundation to shift.  One of the guys in class mentioned that those sticks we kept referring to that the old house appeared to be sitting on were "beams" which were planted deep in the ground to hold the house. Rooted!! Come on Holy Spirit!! Now with my tool, the saw, I needed to cut away / cut down the rotted wood to get me back on level ground. . back to my roots.  Thank God for my roots, people!!! My roots is my relationship with God (communing with Him and taking Him at His Word).  By sawing down and getting back to level ground and forgetting about all that "stuff" - hurts, sorrows, angers, disappointments; y'all know the stuff I'm talking about. Stuff like when you've allowed people, things, and situations to shake you and your resolve.  In this case - ME!  Sure you're probably thinking, "you wouldn't know it just to look at her".  But it's true! It took a picture of an old house and a saw to make me come to the realization.  Now transformation comes!  I'm focusing on the One who can supply my every need and want.  Yes I know there will still be trials and hurts & pains. It's inevitable!! But. . I can't allow stuff to deter me from God's plan or get me off course.  I surrender all, knowing that I have in me His promise. . "never to leave or forsake me". Holy Spirit, I welcome you!!

It was a great lesson & very well taught!!

Y'all this thing is real. . . . Thanks for stopping by and sharing with me. . please come again soon.  This is definitely "another ticker moment". Smile!!!

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