Keep Smiling

Y'all, God must know I need some "warm & fuzzy". TLC as some of you may call it.  The other day I received a 'text' message from my daughter which said: "UR the best mom any girl could ever have"  WOW!! Right? I'm so focused on doing things for my family and always coming to her rescue, I immediately called her and asked: "What's wrong?" To which she replied "nothing"! very light and airy.  This is my no frills, very serious child.  So naturally I assumed there was a problem.  She continued "I just wanted you to know, you're the best.  So don't go getting all mushy on me." I didn't . . . I smiled (one of those smiles you can feel through the phone) and said, "Gee, thanks! I love you too."

After disconnecting the call, of course, I cried and laughed, and cried some more.  No particular reason - I just did! God is so good and He knows our hearts desire.  The joy of the Lord is our strength.

Definitely. . . another Ticker Moment!  Keep smiling!

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  1. Beverly, God is good and it is really the little things He does on a regulary bases that makes for a perfect "Ticker" moment. I love this story, thanks!