What's in a name!

About a month ago, I sent off for an original copy of my birth certificate to apply for a passport. . . before you even go there. . . . .YES!! I'm one of the few people who still do not have a passport. LOL!!  Just call me "s-l-o-w!!" At any rate, I sent the info and copies needed with a nice short note requesting the certificate.  Well to my surprise when the copy came back, a letter from the clerk who processed the request stated "there was no record found under the requested name.  However, our records show the following with the same date of birth.  "What?" Excuse me, PLZ!! My name was spelled totally different from how I had been spelling it only all my life!  Everything else was exactly the same except "My Name"!!

At first it didn't really bother me or perhaps, it just hadn't sunk in yet.  Then, the mind starts to wander. . . I'm sure you know what I mean :)  Did my name define who I was? Was I now someone else? Well. . I finally called my mother and ranted & raved on how she could allow me to go through life thinking "Beverly" was my name?!! When she could finally get a word in. . my mother actually "ssshhhss" me! Normally I'm the calm one.  She was just as surprised as I was.  Then in a very calm and soothing voice, she said: "it doesn't matter what THEY put on THAT paper (Like it wasn't a legal document) - THEY made the mistake.  We knew exactly what your name would be and how to spell it.  They are wrong!! Simple as that. . no 'ifs, ands, or buts'.  They were wrong.  Believe or not . . I bought it all . .hook, line and sinker!! I was calm and rational again. LOL!!  Moms are great! Aren't they?!! The spelling of my name may have changed. . but not me! I'm still me or as my mother so quickly reminded me. . "you're who God says you are". . .that's Beverly. . .Doesn't matter what language it's written . . I'm still Beverly.  That's my name and I'm sticking to it! LOL!!  By the way. . I did get my passport. . Yeah!!! and it has Beverly on it.  

This is Definitely a Ticker Moment!! See you next time!!

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