Thank Goodness for GPS!!

OMG!! I had the pleasure of taking my daughter to the new Maynard Jackson, Jr. International Airport on last evening.  Yep! My little "jetsetter" is in the air again.  First of all, I NEVER travel I-75 especially at 8:00 p.m. in the evening.  Well we managed to make it there and in time to get her flight no less.  But the real challenge began as I was trying to make my way home.  The new and beautifully paved streets with all their signs were just too much!! Everything seemed to be pointing to 75N, 75S, 85N, 85S and a very small 285 which I managed to see after I passed it in the middle lane.  After making a turn and taking the exit I realized it didn't say 285 East or West  or North or South.  I told you, I NEVER travel 75!! Total confusion!! I'm just rolling along oblivous to where I am.  My husband is always saying "get your barings"!!  Men!! What do they know?!!  When nothing, I repeat.  NOTHING looks familiar, there are no barings to get!!  Then a lite bulb came on in my mind. LOL!! "Hit the GPS and press "home" Yeah!!!! I'm actually talking to my GPS now. .  "help me find my way. . show me some breadcrumbs" CRA-ZY!!  I know it!! Well when she finally calculated where I was her first words were "as soon as possible get in the right lane and exit @ 19".  Okay. .not a problem.  I'm there. . .Next she said: "if you can make a U-turn on to the next street".  If I can?!! What that hay!! Is this legal. . the last thing I want to do is get a ticket in nowhere land for an illegal turn!  As if I said the very thing out loud, she repeated the last statement, but with a little more clarity: "make a legal U-turn at the next street when you can".  Ooooooh!! Got it! Wait for the on-coming traiffic to pass. . then. . make the u! Well after a few more merges and exits. . stuff actually started looking familiar.  Needless to say a mere two (2) hours later, I was pulling into my driveway. . but I can honestly say. . I never would have made it there. . at least not before dawn of the next day. . without my GPS!!

Gotta be a "ticker moment"!! Have a great weekend and stop by again sometimes.

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