No One But GOD

Sunday evening I watched the "National Geographic" channel for the first time.  Yeah. . I was definitely bored and trying to get passed my withdrawal of no NBA. LOL! So I casually watched a program called "The Untamed Americas". The longer I set there, the more I began to focus on the program.  I couldn't help but be in 'awe' over the many hidden beauties of our world. . . .and, at that very moment, I gave praise to God for His infinite wisdom and creativity.  No one but God could have done the things my eyes beheld. For instance, a volcanic mountain formed high above an active volcano.  Nestled in the crevice of the rocks were "Parakeets"!! Green Parakeets!! This is where they lived and made their homes.  Imagine that. Right above poisonous gases, molten lava, and hot, hot heat.  The maiden flight of their young entailed being able to soar upward to prevent falling into the volcano.  Now that's motivation! Fly or die. . . amazing!

Then there was a picturesque of a dry desolate desert. In the middle of the night the sky was blanketed with a million stars; or so it appeared.  The narrator indicated it was approximately 12,000 feet high and easily viewed from a scientific telescope.  It was simply breath taking! All of this formed by our God and His infinite wisdom.  No man could ever have created these natural beauties.  There was nothing artificial about them! Only a loving God could do this.  The stars, the moon, the sun, and all creatures great and small adhere to His voice and command.  I was humbled and I thanked Him for reminding me of the things I so often take for granted.  We are His people and the sheep of His pasture. . . for the Lord is good!

Thank You God for another day. . . .it is always sweeter than the day before.

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