Happy Father's Day!!

I've come to the conclusion that men are definitely more 'vain' then women.  Case and point: my husband has worn eye glasses since he was 3 yrs. old.  So it was  no surprise to me whatsoever, after all the "kinks" were out of Lasek Surgery, he would be standing  at the door of the nearest clinic wanting to have the surgery.  Well. . he did and I might add has been very pleased with the results.  "No more glasses!" He's so pleased that for the last 6 years since having surgery, he's been like their 'poster child' trying to convince me to have it done.  NO thank you! The mistake they made was allowing me to see the procedure from start to finish.  I saw what they do to the eye!! Again, NO THANK YOU!! I'll keep my contacts and glasses.  LOL!!

Recently I noticed him squinting and really trying to focus while sharing a picture on my cell phone.  After enlarging the picture somewhat, he still was unable to see clearly.  So I handed him my pair of reading glasses that I use with my contacts and immediately everything was in focus.  He actually admitted that he could see much better! Of course my response was "great, I'll get you a pair".  Like an owl making a 360 degree turn of his head he responded: "for what?! I see just fine." OMG! Seriously? The thought of wearing anything other than sun glasses was obviously more than he could take.  Maybe it was a 'dejavue" of all his years in glasses.  Who knows!! But it became quite clear to me that he'd rather struggle with not seeing close up instead of owning a pair of glasses again. . even reading glasses! Now I ask you. . .is that vanity or what?!! I just hope he doesn't mistake a winning "scratch off" ticket for a loser and trashes it, before he realizes he needs a little help. LOL! 

At any rate. .  . . to all the vain men in our lives, it's Your Day so enjoy it. This is for sure 'another Ticker Moment'.  LOL!! Happy Father's Day!

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