"A Thousand Times More"

One of my favorite scriptures in the bible is found in Deuteromony, chapter 1, verse 11. "May the Lord God of your fathers make you a thousand times more as you are and bless you as He has promised."

I had the distinct opportunity of attending a "homegoing celebration" on this passed week.  It was truly a celebration! Such beautiful accolades were said of this woman and were undoubtedly said while she still lived with us on earth.  What stuck with me more than anything was "that even in her illness she always prayed for others". . . not for herself, but for others; her husband, her children, grandchildren and other family members, as well friends. For anyone who didn't know her personally, this statement alone indicated that she knew the Lord God and had a relationship with Him.  She was confident that He would take care of her, so she appealed to Him to take care of those she loved.  As I looked at her children and grandchildren, I saw the evidence of the scripture.  Hints and meaningful similarities of her reflected; be it a smile, her beautiful hair, her eyes, her peaceful appearance, and even her laugh. And in that fleeting moment I thought, her legacy lives on in all of them. . . ."a thousand times more".

This was a woman I had talked with face to face all of four (4) times.  But it was a lifetime.  We were kindred spirits drawn together by common bonds; our love for God and our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ and our love for our families.  In one of our most meaningful conversations over coffee she talked of her belief in the resurrection.  "Christ need only say a word." She said to me.  Just a word.  So she waited, as we all do, on His word, knowing most definitely, it is always in His time.  Until then, she prayed fervently.  She was so richly blessed by the love of her family. It was evident.  I too am blessed for knowing her even for this short while.  Though she was taken away far too soon, those who are still here must "rejoice" for the time spent with her.  Rest assured, she knows God will keep His promises because that's the kind of God we serve.  God has made her a thousand times more and it will show from generation to generation.   She was born to give love and be loved. She was indeed loved by many. I shall remember her always.

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