Hey! You found me!  Welcome to Ticker Tales!!

It's been a laborious journey thus far, but I've definitely learn some things along the way!  In fact, I've finally published my second book entitled: "Ticker Terra".   It's all Ticker. LOL!!

What's "ticker" you might ask? Well. . . it's what I call the heart. Yep! That big pulsating organ inside of you that literally keeps you alive. So Ticker Tales simply means "Stories from the Heart".

Had a great opportunity to meet other authors of children's books at an event hosted by Jack and Jill of America organization in July. A book signing that allowed me to converse with young people like you, and their parents. Fabulous!! One of the very high points of the event; talking with different kids.  Don't get me wrong. . every author wants their books to sell.  It's how we know you like what we write! But talking to you, young people one on one is priceless. You never cease to amaze me with your thought process.  Some of those thoughts I imitate in my books.  

There was one young man, Jonathan Ward, told me he wanted to be a writer.  He was probably about 9 years old. I told him what I tell all children his age or older "the sky is the limit". . you can do and be whatever your heart desires. But always do it for the good and not for evil."  There's enough evil in the world, just ask Ked & Tay from my book Ticker Terra. They come in contact with some pretty mean and shady characters called "Boondogglers". Yikes!!! 

At any rate, big shout out to Jonathan, Kenneth, Nasir, Jheri, Drew, Simone, and all the other kids I had a chance to talk with.  You are truly awesome and a journey does await you.  Just keep believing in yourself and trust that it will happen; sometimes when you least expect it.

So from my heart to yours. . I hope you enjoy every book in the Ticker series.  There's another on the way, so keep watching and reading! Remember: "a journey awaits".  

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