You might wonder what really motivates me. . Just what inspires me to write.  Well, part of it is I have always loved weaving a story.  I'm definitely a "once upon a time" sort of girl!  LOL!! It's what legends are made of and what story telling is all about.  Of course, that just my opinion.

My other reason is the pure natural joy I get seeing the faces of children as they read my books or ask me questions about my book. Ticker Terra was especially fun because it was the first time that I actually did drawing and artwork in a book.  On my previous book Ticker Tittle Tattle, I relied on clip art.  But then I decided it was time to take a journey!!  Yep! As I always say. . . a journey awaits!  Not just in storyland, but creating the story from start to finish.  Picturing the images and watching them come to life.  Writing is my passion!!  Meet my motivation and my inspiration!!

This beautiful little girl couldn't stop reading!! Her mom said "it's the quietest she's ever been coming home from school".  Meet Lexi, the newest friend of Ked and Tay and the latest character to an upcoming Ticker Tales book.  Just stay tuned!!  THIS IS MY MOTIVATION!! KNOWING SHE'S ENJOYING MY BOOK!!

Introducing:  KED and TAY!! Two of the major characters in TICKER TERRA. These two rambunctious, yet adorable kids venture into the Heartland and find themselves on a journey of magnanimous proportion!! Our brave "Paladins", as they are known, manage to weather a lot of storms and save their best friend.   MY INSPIRATION!! 

Well enough of that!  You'll just have to buy the book and read their adventures.  Oh yes!! For all you local readers in both Georgia and Texas.  My book, Ticker Terra, is available at the Decatur and Tucker Public Libraries. . and in Texas at Haslett / Ft. Worth Public Library.

So stay tuned!  You never know when you may see your name in one of my books on an incredible adventure. Sound exciting?  You bet it is!!  Remember. . . "a journey awaits".

Now that's definitely a Ticker Moment!!

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